Image and Animated Ads

Image and animated ads are a part of the Display Network, which contains thousands of websites and applications, such as blogs, online newspapers and Google websites. Image and animated ads help capture the attention of your potential customers with engaging graphics as they browse the Web. Using a combination of text and graphics or animations help convince customers to visit your website.

Image ads can appear in several pre-approved sizes, which are measured in pixels. As with all ads on Google AdWords, there are rules with which you must comply. Beyond the technical requirements, Google has a list of content requirements that you must meet with your image or animated ad:

Disapproval Reason
What does it mean?
What do I do now?
Unacceptable animation lengthYour ad's animation length is more than 30 seconds.Ensure that your ad's animation length is 30 seconds or less.
Incorrect image layoutYour ad's layout is unconventional or is expanding beyond the frame.Ensure that your ad takes up the entire space of the chosen image size. The ad shouldn't appear sideways or upside down, and shouldn't appear like it's more than one ad. Also, check that your ad doesn't expand beyond the frame or otherwise encroach on the website.
Unacceptable image contentYour ad's behavior is tricking users to click on your ad. Ensure that your ad doesn't contain gimmick that would trick a user into clicking the ad.
Poor image/video qualityYour ad is unclear or unrecognizable.Remove all unclear, blurry, or unrecognizable images from your ad.
Unacceptable image/video contentYour ad contains content that's not considered family safe.Edit your ad by removing any adult or non-family safe content.

Image and Animated Ads
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