PPC Playbook Episode 2: Merging SEO & PPC Ideologies


PPC Playbook is hosted by PPC experts, Shane Ryans and Maria Perilli. Episode Two shows you how to save 20 to 30% on AdWords spend by taking advantage of basic SEO tactics and how to apply it to your PPC …


PPC Playbook Episode 1: AdWords Account Structure Best Practices


PPC Playbook is hosted by PPC experts, Shane Ryans and Maria Perilli. Episode One reveals how to properly structure and segment your AdWords account to produce the most conversions at the lowest cost per acquisition. Shane and Maria discuss the …


Google Rolls Out HUGE Banner Ads for Branded Keywords

google banner ads

Thought the days of invasive, flashy banner ads were over? Think again. It seems Google is breaking their 2005 promise to not allow “[crazy], flashy, graphical doodads flying and popping up all over” on their site. Banner ads are about …


The Consumer Barometer: How Are Your Customers Making Purchase Decisions?

The Consumer Barometer

Whether you own a strictly online company or a brick-and-mortar, understanding consumer behavior is critical to growing your business. But gaining this information has been a historically challenging undertaking. Enter the Consumer Barometer, the collective brainchild of IAB Europe, TNS …


Goodbye, Google Engage. Hello, Google Partners.

Google Partners

What does it mean to be a certified Google Partner and how do you get there? One way is through Google Engage. After you join the program and master Google’s suite of products, you may be eligible to graduate as …


Google AdWords Image Extensions

AdWords Image Extensions

This past June, Google introduced new image extensions designed to allow you to “show” and “tell” with your AdWords ads. Image extensions allow PPC managers to add visual elements to search ads, helping to better and more accurately convey hotel …


The Best & Worst Email Sending Times

Email Sending Times

In addition to pay-per-click management and PPC training, our team members possess a broad range of online marketing skills. We offer social media management services, SEO services, email marketing services and more in order to provide a comprehensive offering to …


RIP: Google AdWords Keyword Tool

Keyword Planner vs. Keyword Tool

If you’re a PPC expert, you’ve likely been struggling to accept Google’s new Keyword Planner. Google’s Keyword Tool was officially replaced by the new Keyword Planner a week ago, and has not exactly received a warm welcome. The Keyword Planner …


Google AdWords: Top 4 Features to Focus On This Summer

Google AdWords Top 4 Features

Last month, Google held a conference highlighting some new features for AdWords. As the search giant continues to improve its PPC program, here are four of our favorites: Reach Further with Remarketing The new Similar Audiences feature allows you to …


Facebook Rolls Out Improved Page Insights

New Facebook Analytics

Just when you were getting used to Facebook’s new Graph Search, the sneaky social media giant rolled out new and (much) improved Page Insights to seemingly random users. If you’re a social media marketer, chances are you’ve had a laundry …