The Best & Worst Email Sending Times

Email Sending Times

In addition to pay-per-click management and PPC training, our team members possess a broad range of online marketing skills. We offer social media management services, SEO services, email marketing services and more in order to provide a comprehensive offering to …


Test Your PPC Landing Pages for Higher Conversions & Revenue

AB Testing and MultiVariate Testing

As a part of our PPC consulting services, we teach clients all about landing page A/B testing and why it’s so important to the success of an AdWords account. provided a simple definition of A/B testing in the “How …


PPC Agencies: Improve the ROI of Your AdWords Campaigns with This Special Technique

Big By Weather

If you’re a digital advertiser working for a PPC agency, you’ve likely run into some hurdles when using geo-targeting in AdWords. Your reach can be considerably limited by searchers in your targeted area who browse privately or limit cookies. With …


RIP: Google AdWords Keyword Tool

Keyword Planner vs. Keyword Tool

If you’re a PPC expert, you’ve likely been struggling to accept Google’s new Keyword Planner. Google’s Keyword Tool was officially replaced by the new Keyword Planner a week ago, and has not exactly received a warm welcome. The Keyword Planner …


Google AdWords: Top 4 Features to Focus On This Summer

Google AdWords Top 4 Features

Last month, Google held a conference highlighting some new features for AdWords. As the search giant continues to improve its PPC program, here are four of our favorites: Reach Further with Remarketing The new Similar Audiences feature allows you to …


Facebook Rolls Out Improved Page Insights

New Facebook Analytics

Just when you were getting used to Facebook’s new Graph Search, the sneaky social media giant rolled out new and (much) improved Page Insights to seemingly random users. If you’re a social media marketer, chances are you’ve had a laundry …


Google AdWords Image Extensions Beta

Google AdWords Image Extensions

A picture can say a thousand words, and in no other medium does it say more than in advertising. Google finally introduced image extensions into AdWords, allowing advertisers to expand their reach and enhance their AdWords ads with pictures. The …


AdWords Express Common Questions

adwords express date range

Although Google recently redesigned AdWords Express with real-time ad preview and clearer stats and graphs, not all of the changes have been for the better. While you can still access AdWords Express through My Client Center (MCC), you can no longer …


New Google Maps Test Drive

new google maps 1

We’re in! We just got the invite to try the new Google Maps, took a test drive and wanted to share some of the new features with you. Though current browsers only support the Lite mode of the new Google …


Car Dealership Phone Call & Lead Tracking AdWords

PPC Management of a Car Dealership in Fort Lauderdale, FL Below are results of a car dealership that we started managing Google AdWords in November of 2012 the prior two months are for reference of before we started working on …