Google I/O 2013 Reveals Major Updates to Search, Maps

Google IO 2013

Google I/O is the search giant’s annual developer-focused conference, and in addition to the regular keynotes from some of the biggest names in the industry, this year’s event, held May 15th through May 17th, revealed a Google Maps overhaul, new …


Free AdWords Audit

ppc audit free

No matter how experienced you are with Google AdWords, any professional pay-per-click manager understands the importance of having a second pair of eyes (or six) review their account. The countless features and nuances of AdWords make it virtually impossible to …


Internet Sales Tax: What You’ll Pay

marketplace fairness act

The Marketplace Fairness Act (widely known as the Internet sales tax bill) passed the Senate on Monday, and with the support of President Obama, there’s a good chance it will pass the Republican-controlled House. The likelihood of the bill passing …


Internet Sales Tax Bill Approved by Senate

marketplace fairness act

Yesterday, the Senate approved the Marketplace Fairness Act, a bill proposed to add state sales tax to products and services sold by e-Commerce businesses. While the bill is intended to even the playing field between online businesses and brick-and-mortar stores, …


How to link Google Analytics and AdWords

cant link analytics to adwords

*UPDATED 6/25/14 - How to link Analytics and AdWords using the New Analytics Interface Login to Google Analytics and click Admin In the Property column, click AdWords Linking Click the + New button. Select the AdWords account you want to link with …


PPC Professionals Expert PPC Management & Consulting Services

ppc professionals

PPC Professionals, a pay-per-click agency located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, is a team of online marketing experts with over four decades of combined experience with pay-per-click (PPC), search engine marketing (SEM), search engine optimization (SEO), local marketing and more. The …


The Fall of BlueGlass

the fall of blueglass

“Remarkable digital marketing agency” BlueGlass has proven to be anything but recently, with a messy public dispute among managing executives in the failing U.S. office. BlueGlass is one of the most well known SEO companies (currently) in existence, having been …


Local Internet Marketing: How to Grow Your Local Business

local internet marketing

Local Internet marketing is one of the best ways to grow your business. Our team effectively built a strong presence for Lauderdale Hyundai, a website we created for former Hyundai sales representative Carrie Caruso. With a focus on search engine …


Landing Pages: Best Practices for Successful AdWords Campaigns

landing page

Landing pages that correspond with your Google AdWords keywords and ads are essential to the success of your campaigns. When someone clicks on your ad, they expect to be taken to a webpage that directly relates to the ad. If …


Google AdWords Rolls Out New Keyword Bulk Upload Tool


Building on the bulk editing tools Google introduced last November, the search company rolled out a new keyword bulk editing feature on April 1st. This feature is designed to make it easier to add, edit and remove a large amount …