Google Now Coming to Desktops

Google Now

Google Now, a predictive personal assistant, has finally started working its way into its browser and Chrome OS. Although Google began working on the integration of its anticipatory alert system, currently only available on Android, in December, the search giant …


AdWords 101 by PPC Professionals


Although pay-per-click (PPC) advertising has existed for over a decade, the mere mention of the model to those unfamiliar with PPC marketing is often met with a raised, quizzical eyebrow. Today’s online advertising landscape is more competitive than ever before, and is …


Google AdWords Enhanced Campaigns First Impressions

photo 14-59-15

As we promised in our earlier blog, Google AdWords Introduces Enhanced Campaigns, we’re following up with a discussion about our first impression about the new AdWords feature. Although many AdWords accounts have yet to receive the beta version of Google’s …


Analysts Upgrade Google Stock Price to $1,000

Google Stock

Just two days after Google’s GOOG stock price jumped to over $800 for the first time, analysts upgraded that price target to $1,000 Thursday morning. According to the Wall Street Journal, Sanford C. Bernstein credited the emergence of mobile and …


Google AdWords Introduces Enhanced Campaigns

AdWords enhanced campaigns

Last Wednesday, February 6th, Google introduced Google AdWords enhanced campaigns. The search giant cited a recent study that reported that, of multi-device consumers, 90 percent move sequentially between several screens to accomplish a given task. This is why Google rolled …


PPC Management for Advertising Agencies

PPC Management

Although Google AdWords has been around for a little over 12 years, many traditional advertising firms haven’t made the foray into pay per click marketing yet. Consider this scenario: You work for an advertising agency and a client you’ve maintained a …


PPC Management for Large Companies

PPC Management

We’re one month into 2013 and it’s time to take a fresh look at what it takes to manage successful high-volume Google AdWords campaigns. Large accounts typically have a budget anywhere from $10,000 to $100,000 per day. These companies clearly …


How Exact Match Negative Lists Improve Your AdWords Campaigns

AdWords Exact Match Negative

If you have any experience with Google AdWords, you’re at least loosely familiar with negative keywords. Negative match types are arguably the least understood of all the keyword match types, but are one of the most valuable tools you can use …


Google Mobile Ad Performance Slowly on the Rise

Google Mobile Ads

On the heels of Google reporting its fourth-quarter earnings yesterday, we were immediately prompted to discuss the major shift to mobile for advertisers and the effects on cost per click (CPC). Google’s CPC increased approximately 2 percent in the fourth …


How to Increase Click Through Rates

Google AdWords Click Through Rates

No matter your business or industry, raising click-through rates for your Google Ads is always a top, ongoing priority for any pay per click expert performing PPC management services for a company. There are innumerable methods and suggestions for improving …