How to Target the Growing Baby Boomer Market with PPC

Baby Boomers PPC

For each unique business you handle PPC management for, there is a unique set of challenges related to their target audience. One of the most challenging is the over 65 market. Over the past 10 to 15 years, this particular …


Resolve to Be a 2013 PPC Leader: 3 Major Trends

PPC Market Trends

It’s the start of a new year and even if you aren’t into resolutions, it’s a great reason to take a fresh look at your PPC campaigns and adjust them based on the most current marketing trends. The ever-reliable Search …


PPC Professionals – Proven Results


 PPC Management is an art form. At PPC Professionals we have talked a lot about what we can do for you and how to help improve your bottom line. So we have decided to showcase what we can do for …


Google AdWords 2013 Wishlist

Google AdWords Wishlist

We tend to agree with Search Engine Watch a good amount of the time – particularly when it comes to PPC. That’s why we wanted to comment on one of their most recent articles regarding their pay per click wish …


The Importance of Relevant Landing Pages

Pay Per Click Conversion Tracking

Congratulations! You have spent most of your time making changes to your Google AdWords campaign to improve its performance and now your click through rate has vastly improved! This must mean your conversions should start increasing soon, right? Well, not …


Google Introduces AdWords Express

Google Adwords Express

AdWords Express is a pay-per-click marketing service that can give a business a faster way to advertise online.  Now can it be as effective as Google Adwords? Some say yes and some say no. Google has said AdWords Express is …


Two Major Keys to Your PPC Success

PPC management

We’ve touched on the importance of the quality of your website in terms of a successful PPC campaign a few times, but today we’re going to delve a bit deeper. Your pay per click management skills may be so impressive …


PPC Terror Alert Series: Testing Match Types

PPC Terror Alert Series

Elevated Threat – You’re in Danger of Losing Clicks & Conversions This is part of the PPC TERROR ALERT series that recognizes that PPC managers all share responsibility for effective PPC campaigns, should always be aware of the heightened risk of …


Bing: 5 Optimization Tips for the Holidays

Image courtesy of Search Engine Land

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and Search Engine Journal released the top “5 Bing PPC Optimization Tips for the Holidays.” Many pay per click management companies spend the majority of their time focusing on Google, but paying a little …


Google Shared Budgets

Google Shared Budgets

It can be too much for one person to oversee budgets for multiple pay per click campaigns. As a PPC manager, there are times you will find yourself adjusting each campaigns budget more than once a day! Google AdWords just …