Device Targeting

With the device platform targeting campaign setting feature, you can target text and image ads to either desktop or laptop computers, mobile devices with full HTML browsers, and/or tablets. If you choose to target tablets or mobile devices, you also have the option of fine-tuning your targeting using AdWords Enhanced Campaigns.

Device targeting is done at the campaign level, and you have the option to either opt-in or out of targeting any platform from the Settings tab for any campaign. However, a campaign must be opted in to appearing on at least one device platform. Below, see what device targeting looks like in AdWords:

Device Targeting Settings

First, you should be familiar with how your organization’s customers search to find your business. Do most of your customers find you by mobile phone? If so, you will want to target your text and image ads to mobile devices in order to achieve the highest conversion rate.

If you have a mobile website, you will want to create a separate campaign to target mobile device users. In campaigns that target other devices, like a PC, you can edit the destination URL at the ad or keyword level. However, if you have a mobile site and want to target mobile customers, you need a separate campaign so that you can use your specific mobile URL in your ads that are targeted to mobile devices.
Device Targeting
Google Enhanced Campaigns has made device targeting even more precise by adding more feature layers. We will expound upon this later in our PPC 101 guide. Next, learn all about Keyword Research.