Google Search Network

There are two main networks in Google AdWords – the Google Search Network and the Google Display Network. If you choose the Search Network, your ads will appear when someone uses Google; this includes Google Search, Shopping, Maps, Images, or Groups. They will also show when someone visits Google’s search partners, such as AOL. Websites on this network show mainly text ads. Note that ads are shown based on the keywords you select for your ad groups (to learn more, see Keyword Relevance).

Your AdWords ads in the Search Network will appear on the top and right-hand side of the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) on Google:

Search Network Ads Example

Below is an example of how your ads on the Search Network will appear on Google’s search partner site, AOL:

Search Partner Ads - AOL Example

You should also be familiar with both organic and local search results. Organic search results are listings on search engine results pages that appear because of their relevance to the search terms, as opposed to their being advertisements. Here is an example of organic search results:

Organic Search Results Example

Below is an example of local search results:

Local Search Results Example

Google Display Network
The Display Network allows you to display ads on website other than Google and search partner sites. Learn more about the Google Display Network.