AdWords Case Study: Mobility Vans & Products

Our client, a provider of mobility vans and products in South Florida, had an existing Google AdWords account that wasn’t performing nearly as well as it should have been. After the president and co-founder contacted our team, we immediately went to work conducting thorough keyword research, reorganizing campaigns and ad groups, writing better ads, optimizing landing pages, and more to improve the success of the account. Before we discuss how we improved the performance of the account, take a look at the year-over-year metrics from the first quarter of 2012 to 2013:

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Keyword Match Types: Prior to our intervention, the only keyword match type being used was broad match. We reorganized the account, removing broad match to eliminate spend on irrelevant clicks. We added exact and phrase match groups in order to write relevant, targeted ads. We also added negative keywords to further refine our targeting. Adding the correct keyword match types greatly improved the click-through rate (CTR).

Average CTR AutoMobilitySales

Improved Location Targeting: The existing PPC account did not use location targeting properly. We targeted the locations where prospective customers are located, including Broward, Dade and Palm Beach Counties. We also added location-based keywords to target people searching for AMS’ products in their area.

Optimized Landing Pages: Although the existing landing pages on the website were keyword-rich, they were not optimized to match the content/subject of their ads and did not contain the most relevant keywords. We redesigned the entire website, making sure to correctly optimize the new landing pages. This increased the average duration visitors remained on the site and lowered the bounce rate.

Better Ads: We wrote more relevant ads using best practices to better attract potential customers. Then, we split tested the ads to find out which performed the best and included links to relevant landing pages.

Ad Extensions: To further enhance the improved ads, we included ad extensions, including sitelinks, location and call extensions. This also contributed to the improved CTR.

Reduced Wasted Ad Spend: The company was overspending on Display Network ads, so we utilized targeted placements to reduce this wasted ad spend.

Display Network Ad Spend 2012

Display Network Ad Spend 2013

Since we took over their AdWords account, the company continues to receive more business, and is paying less for more conversions. The efficient management of their account also increased their ROI and customer base.