Raising Click-Through Rates (CTR)

The click-through rate (CTR) is a ratio that shows how often people who view your ad click on it. You can use this metric to gauge how well your ads and keywords are performing and can help you make decisions about which are working for you and which should be improved. It is calculated by dividing the number of clicks your ad receives by the number of times your ad is shown (impressions). For example, if your ad has 1,000 impressions and 10 clicks, your CTR would be 1%. Each of your ads and keywords have their own CTRs. If your main goal is to increase traffic to your website, you should focus on increasing your clicks and CTR.

Note: If you drop below a 1% clickthrough rate (CTR), Google will most likely dramatically increase your cost-per-click.

Ad Relevance
Make sure that your top keywords are in your ads using complete sentences or phrases with a strong call to action. Also, consider using dynamic keyword insertion to make ads more relevant.

Keyword Relevance
Create ad groups with relevant, focused keywords that exactly match their corresponding ads. Also, identifying “buyer keywords” vs “research keywords” can help raise clickthrough rates.

Match Types
Segment broad, phrase, and exact into different campaigns since these match types will always yield very different clickthrough rates.

Negative Keywords
Ads might be showing for keywords that are not relevant. By running a search query report, you can identify irrelevant keywords that don’t match something that you offer. Build a negative keyword list to eliminate those keywords from triggering ads.

Ad Extensions
Ad extensions add additional content to your ad, taking up more real estate and helps it stand out from your competitor’s ads. See available ad extensions.

Professional PPC management companies increase CTR by making sure ad groups are targeted only to certain closely related keywords and split testing ads. For example, for our client, AdvancedAffordableDiabetics.com, we noticed that in our Exact match ad group for the keyword “glucose meter,” that “glucose meter” and “glucose meters” were both performing well. For this reason, we created two ad groups for each keyword. This improves your targeting efforts and results in more clicks and a higher CTR.

The CTR of your ad, keyword and ad group have a significant impact on the CPCs you will pay, and therefore, how much you will spend on your pay-per-click advertising as a whole.
Raising Click-Through Rates (CTR)
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