Creating Great Ads

Our team has perfected the skill of creating high-quality, effective, compelling ads for clients through years of experience with pay-per-click advertising. Great ads can quickly improve click-through rates (CTRs) and Quality Score, and can filter out visitors who are not searching for the goods or services you have to offer. Split testing or A/B testing your ads is also a valuable practice that will improve the quality and performance of your ads and campaigns.

Best Practices for Writing AdWords Ads
Look below for some general guidelines for writing quality ads. You can begin by first taking some time to consider the intended purpose of your ad. Keep the following best practices in mind to create an effective and engaging ad:

  • Use your keywords. Including all of your keywords in your ad copy will help catch the attention of the people who are searching for that keyword mainly because it will appear bold on the SERPs. Keep reading to learn more about optimizing your ad.
  • Highlight your competitive advantage. What makes your business, product, service, or offer unique? Whether it’s free shipping, the best availability, or a large selection, you’ll want to make this the focal point of your ad.
  • Include special offers. Have low prices, a promotion, or an exclusive offer? Help potential customers make the decision to choose your product or service over the competition by telling them about it.
  • Calls to action. Tell your customers how they can connect with your business by using strong calls to action, like Call today, Buy Now, Order now, Sign Up, Buy Now & Save Big!
  • Choose the right landing page. The destination URL you choose (landing page) should feature the products, services, or promotions in your ad. You want your visitors to find what they expect to see after clicking your ad to help prevent them from leaving your site.
  • Test multiple ads. Creating two or three ads per ad group will help you see which performs best with your target audience. You can then focus on using more of the language, calls to action or other features of your winning ads throughout your campaign (where it is relevant).


Types of Google Pay-Per-Click Ads

  1. Text Ads for Google Search Network: Your ad campaigns will be set to show on this network by default. When writing ads for the Search Network, your ads will appear on Google search sites and search sites that partner with Google. Your ads will be matched to search results pages based on the key terms someone uses to search (e.g. a search on Google for “Cancun vacations” might show an ad that uses that phrase as a keyword). On the Search Network, your ads will be text-only.
  2. Text Ads for Google Display Network: When writing ads for the Display Network, your ads can appear on a group of more than a million websites, videos and applications. Your ads can be matched to relevant websites, mobile phone apps and other placements when your key terms relate to the site’s content. On the Display Network, you can create all types of ads, including text, image, interactive, and video ads.
  3. Remarketing Ads: These ads are a feature of the Display Network. When you use remarketing, you are able to show ads to people who have previously visited your website as they browse the Web. Remarketing works by allowing you to tag pages of your site that relate to specific products/services you wish to promote. When you add these tags (e.g. adding a “puppy food” tag to all the pages where you sell puppy food), you can then create an AdWords campaign to show relevant ads (like special offers or discounts on puppy food) to people who have visited these pages as they browse sites on the Display Network.
  4. Image and Animated Ads: These ads are a feature of the Display Network. When creating an image and animated ads, you can use a combination of text and graphics or animations to help capture the attention of your target audience.
  5. Ad Extensions: There are several types of ad extensions you can utilize to show additional information about your business. These can include location extensions, call extensions, social extensions, seller ratings, offer extensions and more.

Creating Great Ads
Keep reading for detailed information on each type of ad, which type of ad to choose for various contexts, and how to write effective and engaging ad copy. Next, you will learn about the most important and common ads in an AdWords account – Text Ads for Search Network.