Ad Extensions

Ad extensions allow you to show additional information on your Google AdWords ads, such as location, sitelinks, click-to-call and more. These extensions can help your ad stand out and direct users to relevant content on your website. Here are the different types of ad extensions you can use to give customers more information about your business:

Location Extensions
You can enhance your Google AdWords ads by dynamically including your business address. Location extensions improve your ads by showing potential customers a map of your location.

How to use Location Extensions

Call Extensions
Attaching your business phone number in your ads is a great way to encourage customers to call you directly. Also known as click-to-call on mobile devices, call extensions come with the added benefit of detailed reporting. You can measure phone call conversions, a valuable feature for businesses that rely heavily on call traffic.

Google also offers calls with Google forwarding phone numbers, a service that allows you to forward calls to different phones, helping you track conversions from your AdWords ads with call extensions. Calls are shown on desktops, tablets, and mobile devices. The cost per call will be similar to what you would pay per click since max bids apply to calls as well.

A noteworthy reporting feature of call extensions allows you to see the number of clicks you receive on each part of your ad when a call extension is included, such as clicks on the headline of your ad versus clicks on the call extension.

You can also choose when your call extensions appear with your ad without resetting their performance statistics. Specify the dates, days of the week, or times of day when you want your call extensions to appear.

Desktop & Mobile Call Extension Example

Social Extensions
Include a link to your Google+ Page with your AdWords campaigns with the social extensions feature. This will show all of your +1s from your page, website, ads, and search combined. Customers will see the “recommendations” your business has received when they see your ad, a search result, or your Google+ Page.

Social Extension

Product Extensions
If your Google Merchant Center account contains products that are relevant to what someone is searching for, product extensions will show the images, titles, and prices of those products underneath your ad. This allows you to include more relevant and detailed information about your products.

Product Extension

Seller Ratings
Seller ratings show customer-submitted reviews of their buying experience with a particular business. These ratings are placed next to your AdWords ads and appear on desktops, laptops and mobile devices with full browsers.

Seller Ratings

With the sitelinks extensions, you can display links to pages on your website in addition to the main landing page in your AdWords ads. Ads that are shown on desktops and tablets can show anywhere from two to six sitelinks, and ads displayed on mobile devices with full browsers can show up to four additional links.

The sitelinks extensions feature also includes detailed reporting that shows you how many clicks any part of your ad received each time an individual sitelink appeared. You can also edit your sitelink extensions without resetting their performance statistics, specify sitelinks that you want to show on mobile devices, and select specific dates, days of the week, or times of day you want your sitelinks to show.


Offer Extensions
Offer extensions allow you to display in-store offers with your AdWords ads. Customers can see your offers when they search Google for products you carry or when they search for local businesses on their mobile device, tablet, or computer. When someone clicks the “View offer” link in your ad, they will be taken to a Google-hosted landing page that displays the offer. They can then either print the offer or save it online to their “My Offers” Google page to use in-store.

Offer Extension Example

Automatic Offer Extensions
Sometimes, Google will enhance your AdWords ads with an automatic extension that appears as a link labeled “View this ad’s deal” below your ad. This further entices a potential customer to click on your ad, and promotes a deal that is mentioned in your ad text.

Automatic offer extensions appear when the AdWords system scans your ad text to find any terms that are associated with deals or special promotions. If found, the system will then review your ad’s text and destination URL to make sure your deal is still active on your landing page, and to ensure it complies with Google’s policies.

Since this is automatic, Google provides a form to opt-out of automatic offer extensions.

Automatic Offer Extension Example

Dynamic Search Ad Extensions
Dynamic Search Ads are shown in Google search results based on the content of your website, instead of keywords. Although Google automatically shows your ad based on the content of your site, you still have the ability to include any of the above ad extensions with your Dynamic Search Ads in order to show potential customers additional information about your business.
Ad Extensions
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