Text Ads for Google Search Network

Google AdWords Search Network Ads
Now that you understand the basics of ad types, we’re going to delve a bit deeper to explain how to write great text ads for the Search Network. Your ad campaigns are automatically set to show your ads on the Search Network. This network is a group of search-related sites where your ad can appear, including Google search, over 90% of your ads will show on google.com & Google’s search partners (like aol.com, ask.com, rr.com, etc).

On Google search sites, your ad will appear either above, alongside or below the organic search results on Google Search and Google Maps. On search partner sites (like AOL), your ads might appear above or alongside the search results. Take a look at a search for “Eames office chair reproductions,” and note that the same ad for our client, coolchairz.com, appears on both sites:

Google Search Ad

AOL Search Ad

Google Ad Text Limits
Headline: 25 characters (or up to 29 using Dynamic Keyword Insertion)
Description Line 1: 35 characters
Description Line 2: 35 characters
Display URL: 35 characters
Destination URL: 1,024 characters

To optimize your ad, you should try to use your main keyword(s) in your ad as often as possible. For example, if your keyword is “Cancun All-Inclusive Resorts,” you should include it in your headline, and it should appear at least once more in the rest of your ad. However, when you type that keyword into the headline, it does not fit because it has 28 characters. In this case, you can either reword your key phrase to read “Cancun Inclusive Resorts” (24 characters), or you can use Dynamic Keyword Insertion.

The following example shows an extended headline (29 characters) using dynamic keyword insertion:

Dynamic Keyword Insertion Hack

Dynamic keyword insertion allows you to dynamically update your ad text with the keyword that the user typed in the search box. This can help make your ads more relevant to customers, and also makes it easier for you to create unique ads for a large number of keywords. Continuing with the travel example, you could use keyword insertion to allow Google to automatically insert search terms people might be using after “Cancun All-Inclusive,” like “Cancun All-Inclusive Resorts” or “Cancun All-Inclusive Packages.” Note that it is best to use keyword insertion in Exact match ad groups because your ad text will be more targeted to the keywords in the ad groups, unlike Phrase or Broad Match Modifier, for example. To use dynamic keyword insertion, simply enter your default ad text using this format: {KeyWord:Cancun All-Inclusive}. This default text will be used if the user’s query is longer than the character limit.

Keyword Density
As previously mentioned, you will want to use your main keyword(s) as often as possible in your ad copy. Here is a great example of an ad we wrote for bookit.com with excellent keyword density:

Ad Keyword Density

This ad has a total of 13 keywords. It also contains a good call to action, underlined. Note that Google made the word “Top” bold, as it is very similar to “Best.” “All” is also in bold, as you don’t have to mention the entire phrase “All-Inclusive.” Get creative with your ad copy and look for ways to get more keywords into your ad.

Including more of your keywords in your ads can increase your click-through rate (CTR). This is where keyword relevance plays a role in your ad copy. If an ad is still not performing well and you have good keyword density, pull a search query report to determine what users are actually searching for when seeing your ads. Run an SQR regularly to further refine your Google AdWords ad groups and help you better reach your target customers.

Tips for Writing Great Text Ads

End all of your ads with a strong, clear call to action, such as:
- “Free Shipping!”
- “Free S/H!”
- “Free Ship!”
- “Book Now & Save Big!”
- “Buy Now & Save!”
- “Sign Up Today!”
- “Sign Up Now!”
- “30% Off Now!”

In most cases, we’ve found that “Now” seems to perform better than “Today,” but this varies depending on your ad copy, and/or the vertical market for which you are writing. Also note that using punctuation like +, $, % and ! may help increase your click-through rate (CTR). Numbers also help, like a certain numerical discount (“20% off”) or any other numbers you can include in your ad.

We have also found that capitalizing the first letter of every word in your ad makes it read better, don’t forget words like “at,” “the,” “or,” “in,” etc.
Text Ads for Google Search Network
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