Keyword Mining With SQR’s

Keyword Mining with Search Query Reports (SQRs)
Keyword mining is the process of identifying new, relevant keywords for your particular website. The more targeted your keywords are, the more successful your ad campaigns will be. The AdWords search query report (SQR), or search terms report, shows you how your ads performed when triggered by actual searches. Because you’re paying for these clicks, Google will report exactly what users typed into the search box before they clicked your ad. SQRs will help you find new, high-potential search terms that you may want to add as ad groups and keywords. SQRs also help you filter out terms that are not relevant to your business through use of negative lists. It will also help you avoid paying for clicks that might not result in conversions. See example below.

To pull a search query report in AdWords, select the campaign or ad group and the date range, then click on the Keywords tab. Here, you can either click “Keyword Details – All” to view the statistics for all keywords or check the boxes next to specific keywords and click “Keyword Details – Selected” to view the SQR for the terms you chose.

Search Query Report


Here is an SQR for one of our clients,


Here, we have selected two keywords in Phrase match ad groups. Our client does repair mobility vans, but not mobility scooters. For this reason, we will add “mobility scooter repair” to the Negative keyword list so that our ads do not show when someone searches for that term. does sell Bruno lift parts, so we will build out both Exact and Phrase match ad groups based on the keyword “Bruno lift parts” to target people searching for that term.

Run an SQR regularly to further refine your Google AdWords ad groups and help you better reach your target customers. You can also use SQRs to build negative lists, and break out your exact match ad groups so that your ads match your keywords.
Understanding Keyword Relevance
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