Landing Page Basics

A landing page is the web page a customer is taken to after they click your ad. You choose the landing page for each ad by entering it in the Destination URL field when creating an ad. The “landing page experience” is Google’s way of estimating how someone’s experience will be once they get to your landing page determined largely by the content on the page and the keyword the searcher used to find your ad. This is important because your “landing page experience” status can help you get an idea of how Google (and searchers) are looking at the relevance and use of your landing page.

Google determines landing page experience by how relevant and original your content is, transparency, and ease of navigation. Make sure to include your ad’s keywords on your landing page. Also, it is essential to make sure that the landing page you specify for a given ad is as relevant as possible to the copy in your ad. For example, if you are managing a PPC account for a supplement company and are writing an ad for a women’s multivitamin, instead of the homepage, you should choose a landing page that takes the user directly to a page that displays all of the brands of women’s multivitamins that your company sells.

Here is a great example from Nature Made, a line of vitamins, and nutritional supplements:

Search query and SERP:

Search Query

Landing page for the above ad:

Landing Page
Landing Page Basics
After clicking on the ad, we were taken to a page exclusively about a multivitamin that is designed specifically for women. You may have to create individual landing pages depending on the subject of your ad, but it is well worth the time and effort, as Creating Relevant/Targeted Landing Pages effects your Quality Score, and are vital to the success of your overall campaign(s).