Creating Relevant/Targeted Landing Pages

As we mentioned in Landing Page Basics, relevant landing pages are key to the success of your overall campaign(s). Creating relevant, targeted landing pages will improve your Quality Score. Your landing page should be tightly linked to the content/subject of your ad, should contain your keywords, and should be relevant to the visitor’s search query.

Other tips for creating relevant and targeted landing pages include:

  • Ease of navigation.
  • Place contact information in a place that is easy to find.
  • Make sure content is relevant and unique.
  • Be transparent – be upfront and honest about all of the information you might be collecting from your visitors, and make sure they also know what will happen once they perform a given action on your site.
  • Make it easy for visitors to find what they’re looking for by not adding too many confusing links and add thorough, important information to ensure all potential questions can be answered from your site.
  • Make sure the purpose of your landing page is clear, useful and offers something that other websites do not.

Here is another great example of a relevant landing page from our client account (Search query and SERP):

Search Query 2

Landing page for the above ad:

Relevant Landing Page

Note the simple, user-friendly layout of the landing page, phone number in bold, and two direct links to new and used wheelchair vans. Also notice that the main keyword, “wheelchair vans,” is mentioned on the page several times. Remember these tips when creating your ads and choosing relevant landing pages. To go a step further, if the user would have searched either “new wheelchair vans” or “used wheelchair vans,” then we would have brought them to those appropriate landing pages.

Click the image below to see the metrics of the website before (orange line) and after (blue line) we improved its appearance and usability. Notice the averages below the graph: visit duration is up 13.58%, bounce rate is down 7.9% and average time on page is up 25.6%, meaning people stayed on the page longer and left less frequently resulting in more leads with the same amount of traffic.

Landing Pages & Quality Score
Creating Relevant/Targeted Landing Pages
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