Landing Pages & Quality Score

Your landing page experience impacts your overall Quality Score. As you learned previously in this guide, Quality Score is Google’s estimate of how relevant your ads, keywords and landing page are to someone viewing your ad. Google will assign you one of three statuses regarding your landing page experience: Above average, Average, or Below average.

Above-average or Average landing page experience scores reflect that you’re landing page experience is positive. Therefore, your Quality Score will not be negatively affected. If you receive a Below average rating, it means that your landing page is in need of improvement, and as a result, your Quality Score may be lower. If this happens, you will want to improve your website’s landing pages using the tips we provided in Creating Relevant/Targeted Landing Pages.

Another great tip is to create destination URLs for individual keywords. To view details about the Quality Score of an individual keyword, click the white speech bubble next to the keyword’s status:

Keyword Quality Score

After you click the bubble, you will be able to see ratings for expected click-through rate (CTR), ad relevance and landing page experience:

Quality Score

As you can see, the Quality Score for this particular keyword is very good, reflecting a positive landing page experience. This is what you should aim for with all of your ads and/or keywords.
Conversion Attributes
Relevance, transparency, and ease of navigation aren’t the only factors that determine the quality of your landing pages. Next, learn how important Landing Page Load Times are to the overall success of your ads, as well as the user experience.