Alternative Analytics Tracking (Adobe Omniture, Web Trends, If By Phone)

In addition to AdWords Conversion Tracking and Google Analytics, there are alternative analytics tracking programs available that are also markedly effective. Omniture, a third-party Web analytics tool, is a robust software program that is most useful for high-volume accounts (50,000 or more visitors per day). This tracking tool is enterprise-level tracking software for use when managing million-dollar accounts, as the base plan costs about $15,000, depending on your specific account. It is useful for these high-volume accounts because you will most likely be tracking many “Thank You” pages etc. (e.g. insurance and travel companies).

Our team has extensive experience with this analytics platform, and Shane Ryans, Vice President of Search Engine Marketing for PPC Professionals, has received several endorsements from Omniture. Need help with Omniture? Give us a call and we’ll be happy to address all of your questions.

Webtrends is another third-party analytics tool that offers Multi-Channel Measurement, which includes a unified analytics dashboard that provides information about customer activity across all digital channels. A dedicated team of experts help you interpret your results and transforms them into a measurement strategy that works for you and your unique business.

Another great tracking tool comes in the form of a phone management system. Ifbyphone allows you to manage, measure and automate phone calls. It connects clicks to phone calls by tracking which ads drive phone leads, and also captures details about each caller.
Alternative Analytics Tracking (Adobe Omniture, Web Trends, If By Phone)
Contact our team for more information about these alternative tracking programs. Next, we will discuss Managing Your Cost Per Acquisition (CPA).