Types of Conversions

In Google AdWords, there are types of conversions measured by AdWords as well as e-Commerce conversions. When you set up Conversion Tracking, you can see AdWords metrics for each type of conversion in your Adwords interface. It is also important to understand the common types of e-Commerce conversions

Types of e-Commerce Conversions

  • e-Commerce sale
    The purchase of a product or service made on your e-Commerce website.
  • Newsletter sign-up
    An opt-in from a potential customer who signs up for your company’s newsletter. You can capture valuable information about these potential customers after they sign up to receive your newsletter, including name, email address, phone number and more.
  • Lead generation form
    An online form you require visitors to your site to fill out before delivering what they came to your site to find. This can include contact information, like name, address, email address, phone number and more.
  • Phone call
    A direct telephone call from a potential customer to your business.

AdWords Conversion Types

  • View-through conversion
    This type of conversion is basically a conversion that takes place after someone sees one of your ads, but does NOT click on the ad, but completes a conversion. An example would be someone who see your ad, but then, rather than clicking your ad, they may simply enter your URL in their address bar and complete a conversion on that visit.
  • 1-per-click
    These conversions count a conversion for every AdWords ad click that results in a conversion within 30 days. If more than one conversion occurs after a single ad click, conversions after the first will not count. This conversion type is useful when measuring conversions that approximate unique customer acquisitions, like leads and sign-ups.
  • Many-per-click
    These conversions count a conversion each time a conversion is made within 30 days following an click on your ad. It will count multiple conversions per click, and is most useful for measuring conversions that are valuable each time they happen, like purchases.

Types of Conversions
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