5 Chrome Extension Must-Haves for the Savvy Web Surfer

The savvy web surfer craves efficiency, impressive UX design and aesthetics (to name a few) across all Internet apps. Here are five free Google Chrome extensions that fit the mold. Give ‘em a try today!


  1. WikiWand – Give your Wikipedia experience a facelift.
    WikiWand transforms the classic Wikipedia interface into an exciting one with faster load time, clean and simple typography, improved navigation features, and overall WOW. See for yourself!

  2. TLDR – Conveniently sum up all the Wiki articles you’ll be reading.
    TLDR (Too Long Didn’t Read) is the tool you wish you had IRL (in real life) during your British Literature course back in college. It magically provides you with a summary (in four different lengths to choose from!) of the current web page your eyes are glazing over at without leaving the window so you can move on. Awesome!

  3. Pocket – Stop bookmarking and ‘new tab’-ing everything.
    There’s a solution to organizing all of those “I’ll get back to this” Internet finds, Pocket! It saves all of your videos, articles and more that you can’t look into at the moment but want them compiled together for later viewing. And get this, you can access all of these saved items across any one of your devices (iPhone, iPad, Android and more) and even without an internet connection!

  4. Jiffy – Create shareable GIFs with a simple click.
    Win at GIF making (and Tumblr) with Jiffy, your one-stop-shop for making quality GIFs out of YouTube videos. No more scrambling around with multiple programs to create the GIF of your dreams, all of your tools are right here.

  5. Elmnts – Perfect tunes to help your brain work at making all of the above web browsing possible.
    Elmnts is an ambient sound generator providing relaxing melodies to improve your focus and sense of calm. Choose from Rain, Fire, Forest, Coffee Shop and more. And best of all… it works offline! So that means soothing sounds to your ears anytime.

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