5 Tools to Test PPC Landing Page Performance

Every landing page is designed with the same objective: to help guide a user to an intended conversion goal. Be sure your landing page is in tip-top shape and get the conversions you want with these five free resources.


  1. Visual Website Optimizer – Testing makes perfect.
    Create different test versions of your landing pages to see which performs best with the highest conversion rate. Split URL testing and A/B testing are available as well as real user feedback. Try it FREE for 30 days! Various plans are available starting at $49/month.

  2. Peek by UserTesting – Finally, a way to get inside the mind of the user.
    Peek let’s you sit back and watch a real person use your website as well as hear their comments on its usability. Simply enter your website’s url, your name and email address and you can expect your video critique from a Peeker within a couple of hours. FREE

  3. PageSpeed Insights – Usain Bolt status on all devices!
    It’s important to have your landing page running fast and smooth for both mobile and desktop users. By using Google’s PageSpeed Insights, you’re able to see if your website passes the test on speed and user experience, and if it doesn’t you’re given the reasons why as well as suggestions on how to correct the problems. FREE

  4. Browser Shots – Not all screens are created equal.
    Your landing page may appear very different on one web browser versus another, making your page not look exactly as you planned it to. Browser Shots lets you see how your website looks in various resolutions and across several different web browsers. FREE

  5. 12 PPC Landing Page Examples (With Critiques) – Look and learn.
    Take a look at these 12 real-life landing page examples that strayed away from the mission to get a user to convert and Unbounce’s suggestions on how they can be fixed. FREE

Have you used any of these testing tools? Did they help you improve your website? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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