AdWords Express Common Questions

Although Google recently redesigned AdWords Express with real-time ad preview and clearer stats and graphs, not all of the changes have been for the better. While you can still access AdWords Express through My Client Center (MCC), you can no longer view statistics in the regular AdWords interface. Additionally, you are only able to see the keywords AdWords Express is using in your ads, not the search queries users typed to find and click on your ad. Below you will find the answers to some more common AdWords Express questions.

How can I select a specific date range in AdWords Express?

Currently, you cannot view specific date ranges for data. AdWords Express provides performance activity for predefined date ranges, ranging from “Today” to “All dates.”

adwords express date range

How can I create and export reports in AdWords Express?

AdWords Express reporting is very limited. Currently, you can only see the clicks and views your ad has received, and the devices (desktop, smart phones and tablets) used when someone clicked on your ad. AdWords Express does not currently allow you to export these reports.

Am I better off using AdWords?

Although AdWords Express is significantly more limited in features, reporting and just about everything else than AdWords, it still might be a better option for some. If you don’t have the time or skill necessary to manage a regular AdWords account, AdWords Express may be a better option. It may also be a preferable option for those who don’t wish to spend as much on their AdWords ads. If none of this applies to you, you’re probably better off using AdWords.

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