Google Shared Budgets

It can be too much for one person to oversee budgets for multiple pay per click campaigns. As a PPC manager, there are times you will find yourself adjusting each campaigns budget more than once a day! Google AdWords just announced a new option; Shared Budgets. Shared Budget works by taking the daily maximum and separating it as needed. For example, a marketer with three different campaigns running and a maximum daily budget of $100 would have to decide how much to allot to each, Google said in their announcement.

If you have one campaign that is performing well on any day and there was a budget leftover in another campaign, that could be a missed opportunity to capitalize on the higher performing campaign. AdWords will now assign more budget to the campaign that needs it, just as long as it doesn’t go over the allotted daily budget.

“Using shared budgets allows automatic adjustments across campaigns, so you don’t have to constantly monitor and change individual campaign budgets throughout the day,” explains Vidya Iyer from Ads Engineering. “On most days, each campaign hits its daily budget and you’re satisfied with the ROI of each campaign,” continues Iyer. “But on some days, your desktop search campaign sees fewer impressions and clicks than other days. So you only spend $90. On these days, your overall campaign results could be stronger if you were able to put an additional $10 into your mobile search campaign or re-marketing campaign.”

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