Google Introduces AdWords Express

AdWords Express is a pay-per-click marketing service that can give a business a faster way to advertise online.  Now can it be as effective as Google Adwords? Some say yes and some say no.

Google has said AdWords Express is here to help local businesses create an effective pay-per-click campaign. Essentially, after your sign up process, the campaign is automatically managed and Google will decide which ad will appear based on the searches.

Google is ultimately trying to tap into a larger business segment, which consists of the local business market.  The main goal is to remove any guesswork from the complicated PPC Campaigns with Google AdWords. As someone who has dealt with mountains of keywords, I can see the appeal! All the time I would be saving is very attractive. Based off what I have seen, a business can create an ad in less than 5 minutes with Google’s new express lane!

But is this too good to be true? Some would say YES! On the surface, AdWords Express seems to be a viable alternative, but let’s dig a little deeper. It starts to look more and more like a starter kit for Google AdWords.

Most internet users decide within seconds to stay on a website or move on. When someone clicks on your ad, they should be arriving at a landing page clearly displaying the item or information offered in your ad. AdWords Express does not allow users to include specific keywords that relate to a specific theme of your Google AdWords ad groups or landing pages.

Google AdWords allows you to specify certain hours or days of the week for ads to appear. Adwords Express does not delver that option. Most importantly, there are times you don’t want your business or product to be associated with certain keywords. Google AdWords allows you to eliminate those words. With AdWords Express, your keyword list can’t be modified. It is not possible to create a negative keyword list. Google recommends for more control over your keyword list a traditional AdWords campaign may be a better option for your business.

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