Bing: 5 Optimization Tips for the Holidays

Image courtesy of Search Engine Land

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and Search Engine Journal released the top “5 Bing PPC Optimization Tips for the Holidays.” Many pay per click management companies spend the majority of their time focusing on Google, but paying a little more attention to Bing, especially during the holiday season, is a smart move to make the very most of your campaigns. Here are the highlights:

AOV (Average Order Value) Analysis. It’s all about segmenting. AOV values can vary greatly by marketing channel. Segmenting your data will allow you to see just how much clicks from Bing are worth. “Many times I’ve found that a particular channel like Bing can bring in higher average order values or higher conversion rates,” said James Scaggs, author at Search Engine Land.

Add/Update Sitelinks. “Site links are known to drive higher CTR’s and Bing site links were introduced a while back,” says Scaggs. Google recently suggested that AdWords managers update all site links to direct traffic to unique destination URLs. “I haven’t seen an instance yet in which site links done correctly haven’t yielded better account performance & ROI.”

Refresh Your Keywords. This is a staple practice among any successful PPC agency. However, this is an ideal time to ensure your ad groups and keywords in AdWords are copied over to Bing. Scaggs notes, “Don’t forget to double check your negatives while you’re there because this can be an area that gets overlooked as well.”

Check Your Budgets. The holidays will undoubtedly bring increased traffic, which can inadvertently cause budgets to cap out on well-performing campaigns.  Consider increasing your budgets on campaigns with a solid ROI to avoid missing out on sales.

Re-Examine Your Device Targeting. Back in September, we penned an article about bidding segmentation for tablets. The holidays are the best time to segment your campaigns by device to maximize ROI. “Also remember Bing has tablets as a separate device target so even if you don’t have a separate campaign for tablets you should probably enable it with your desktop campaigns.”

Do you work with PPC campaign management? We’d love to hear your tips on maximizing your campaigns for the holidays. Leave a comment and let’s continue the discussion!

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