Using Callout Extensions: What You Need To Know

Earlier this month, Google introduced a new ad extension that allows you to include additional text with your search ads covering information about your business and the products/services it offers. This new extension called Callouts gives you the opportunity to highlight your business’ unique offerings while at the same time providing potential customers further enticement to click your ad. It’s a win/win situation!


To clarify, callouts will not compromise the character count of your ad copy because they’re their own entity while also working alongside your ad to attract clicks. They can be used with any other ad extension, including but not limited to location, review, and call extensions. And the best part: ANYONE can use them.

Need to Know:

  1. You have a suggested length of 12-15 total characters to so it’s best to keep it straight to the point, and treat this like an informative bullet point rather than a complete sentence.

  2. Callouts are displayed directly below your ad copy and it is recommended by Google to use “Sentence case” over “Title Case” for better performance.

  3. Your ads won’t always show callouts, and when they do, the formatting can vary each time. AdWords uses several factors to determine if and how many will appear with your ad.

Why You Should Give Callouts a Try:

  1. Spotlight unique features of your business potential customers would enjoy.

  2. There’s no additional charge for using callout extensions, you will continue to be charged as normal for clicks on your ad.

  3. Callouts are low maintenance, no need to create new text ads or edit existing ones to include this new extension. Add them at the account, campaign, or ad group levels.

  4. There’s no guesswork in rating their performance either. View detailed reporting on how many clicks occurred when callouts appeared and compare statistics at campaign, ad group or ad levels.

  5. You can add them to your mobile campaigns.

  6. Choose their timing by scheduling the days of the week, time of day and specific dates for your callouts to show.

Callouts will continue to roll out in the upcoming weeks so be sure to be on the lookout. For additional information on this new ad extension, see Google’s Help article.

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