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 PPC Management is an art form. At PPC Professionals we have talked a lot about what we can do for you and how to help improve your bottom line. So we have decided to showcase what we can do for you!

Below is an example of what we are currently accomplishing for a client. Their ads weren’t performing well- their Impressions, CTR, Average CPC, and Positions were not performing the way they should have been. Their Impressions were 138, 927 with a CTR of 1.52% and an average CPC of $4.12 with an average position of 2.9.

We met with our client one on one to discuss the changes they wanted to make and the direction they wanted to take the company. They did not feel their on-site person was managing the account to its full potential, as she had dual roles. She was not able to give their PPC account the full-time position it required. They were seeing some results but wanted to increase their business and didn’t know how to take their Google AdWords to the next level.

Once we were able to start our full analysis of their PPC account, we got an idea of what the potential could be and got so excited! A bunch of nerds getting their hands-on analytical data and seeing the potential is kind of like our wet dream at PPC Professionals!

After 60 days of working as their PPC Campaign Management team, we are seeing a move in the right direction and are looking forward to continuous great results!  We have increased their impressions to 180,979 with a CTR of 1.63% and an average CPC of $3.53 with an average position of 2.59.

At PPC Professionals we talk about our passion and experience quite a bit but we believe this will showcase what we can do for you, our next client. Looking for a bigger and better year in 2013? Contact us today @ (954) 606-5359.

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