Employees Wasting Time at Work?

Let’s be honest – the job your boss believes takes all day to complete, really takes an hour or two at the most. As an employee, there are much more “important” things to do; update Facebook, email friends and/or family about upcoming vacations or past weekend fun and catch up with co-workers on their personal life and favorite television shows. This is so much more interesting and a lot more fun, plus it helps time fly by! One minute it’s 9 a.m. and the next it’s time for lunch, then it’s 5 p.m. and they’re out the door to hurry home.

It seems this is a growing trend. Employees are in a hurry to go to work to socialize and complete personal tasks instead of completing tasks assigned by their supervisor. The top 3 time-wasters at work by an employee are: surfing the internet, socializing with co-workers and conducting personal business. The majority of companies don’t even have a social media policy in place despite the fact that a minimum of 55 minutes per work day are spent on Facebook!

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