Google AdWords 101 – Keyword Match Types

We know you can pick up a copy of “Google AdWords for Dummies” at your local bookstore, but we figured we’d offer an abridged version of one of the most basic aspects of a PPC campaign as a refresher for PPC experts everywhere – keyword match types. Your pay-per-click campaigns will fall into one of three categories: “Exact Match,” “Phrase Match” and “Broad Match.” Although the layman’s definition of each group may seem simple enough, there is much more to these qualifiers than meets the eye.

Google created an (some may argue, deceptively) easy to understand model of each Keyword Match Type for Google pay-per-click:

Essentially, with “Exact Match,” the potential client/customer must type in the exact keyword (or keyword phrase) that your ad contains into the search engine in the exact order without any additional words in order for your ad to be shown. With “Phrase Match,” a keyword must be typed in the exact order your ad is written in, but may also include word(s) before or after it, for your ad to show. With “Broad Match,” your ad will show if the search query targets any of the chosen keywords in the keyword phrase. With this match type, your keyword or keyword phrase does not have to be in the correct order to trigger your ad(s). The “Broad Match” group must be handled with great care and special attention.

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