Google AdWords 2013 Wishlist

We tend to agree with Search Engine Watch a good amount of the time – particularly when it comes to PPC. That’s why we wanted to comment on one of their most recent articles regarding their pay per click wish list for 2013.

On her Google AdWords Christmas list, Carrie Hill of SEW listed number one as “Actual Numbers!” After attempting a year-over-year traffic comparison, Hill found that you “can only see this data in the graphs.” She calls for data that includes CTRs, conversion rates and more. “The data listed in a graphic is only about one-tenth as useful as the actual numbers.”

Number 2 on Hill’s list? More information and control over product listing ads. We’ve come across this issue and have attempted to adding code to Google’s own product to see much needed data. “We need a better connection/feed from the Google Merchant Center. While you can connect the merchant center to your PLAs, the data is delivered in a pretty elementary fashion,” says Hill.

The remainder of Ms. Hill’s AdWords Christmas wish list includes a tool to tag dates and times (with changes, ideas, tweaks and more), a clickable dashboard module, real-time reporting (arguably the best suggestion on the list) and seamless integration of Google AdWords and Google Analytics.

Google AdWords is still the largely preferred platform over competitors. However, there are plenty of features that would greatly improve its performance and that of the people who utilize the service. What are your ideas for improving Google AdWords? Share with us in the comments!

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