Google AdWords Image Extensions Beta

A picture can say a thousand words, and in no other medium does it say more than in advertising. Google finally introduced image extensions into AdWords, allowing advertisers to expand their reach and enhance their AdWords ads with pictures.

The latest feature to be incorporated into AdWords is still in beta, and is officially called the image extensions beta. Here’s what an AdWords ad with image extensions will look like:

Google AdWords Image Extensions

PPC managers are, for the most part, excited about the new feature, as advertisers know how persuasive and enticing images can be. Having managed the pay-per-click account for a major travel company, we’ve seen how much higher conversion rates can be for display ads over search ads thanks to beautiful images of exotic locations.

The new feature will prove particularly advantageous for companies that do not have product feeds and have been unable to use display ads; this is because product image ads were previously the only way to include image content in AdWords ads.

According to Google, one in six Google searches produce results with visual content. Text ads will now have the flexibility to reflect the growing importance of image content across the Internet.

Although we do not yet know how many ads Google will allow to be displayed as image results for the same search result (or if these ads will overlap with product listing ad results) it is clear from the above example that image extensions can be combined with other extensions, like sitelinks.

If you’re interested in participating in the image extension beta, fill out this form or contact your AdWords representative. Have a business and need PPC services? Contact PPC Professionals today at (954) 606-5359 and we will work with you to provide expert pay-per-click management services.

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