Google AdWords Image Extensions

This past June, Google introduced new image extensions designed to allow you to “show” and “tell” with your AdWords ads. Image extensions allow PPC managers to add visual elements to search ads, helping to better and more accurately convey hotel amenities, the style of a blouse, or the color of a particular wall paint. This helps your ads stand out, and enables pay-per-click experts to provide more information about their product or service.

AdWords Image Extensions

Today, more than 1 in 6 Google searches provide results with visual content. In some cases, Google will determine that a search is a good candidate for visual content. For example, the search giant is probably more likely to show image extensions for a search query like “luxury hotel rooms” than “locations of nearby luxury hotels.”

Pay-per-click managers are able to choose the images they want to appear with their ads, but must have the required rights to them. Image extensions are still in beta, and are currently running in English all over the world. Interested in participating in the AdWords image extensions beta? Contact your account manager or fill out this form.

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