Google Rolls Out HUGE Banner Ads for Branded Keywords

Thought the days of invasive, flashy banner ads were over? Think again. It seems Google is breaking their 2005 promise to not allow “[crazy], flashy, graphical doodads flying and popping up all over” on their site. Banner ads are about to get bigger – a whole lot bigger; for specific branded keywords, that is.

Since the search query for which these new ads would trigger is highly branded, Google has been testing them to see the click-through rate. The search giant has already rolled out the huge banner ads to about 30 advertisers, including Virgin America and Crate & Barrel. Just how big is “big”? Check out this mamma jamma:

google banner ads


Luckily, the “brand image experiment” is currently only showing for less than 5 percent of queries. But what about the other 95%? How will we ever be able to find Crate & Barrel’s site without a basic version of the homepage hogging three-quarters of our screen real estate? Unless your SERP is part of the lucky few, you’ll be left to your own devices. Good luck snagging those bargain-priced decorative throw pillows off your cousin’s wedding registry before someone else beats you to it.

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