Introducing: The High FIVE Friday List! 5 Awesome Productivity Tools Featured On the Most Unproductive Day of the Week

friday-fiveHigh five, you’re alive! Somehow, you managed to survive the stress-inducing powers of 3,000 unread emails, micro-managers that put Bill Lumbergh to shame and counting down the minutes to this very moment. While we’re fairly certain that broaching the subject of productivity on Friday is a cardinal sin, we’re sure you’ll want to start using the latest, coolest, user-friendliest tools featured in our weekly digests right now. Or Monday. Anyway, paired with a sweet digital high five from us to you, we pretty much figured it’ll be impossible not to love these nifty tools that are (literally) virtually guaranteed to grease your productivity wheels (and we give THE BEST high fives. Seriously. Ask around.).

  1. Dollar Photo Club: $1 royalty free stock photos and vectors. Memberships start at $10/month for 10 high-res images. Perfect for small-scale budgets and projects.

  2. PicMonkey: Need a nice-looking image to compliment your blog post ASAP? PicMonkey offers awesomely thorough image editing with ease, perfect for when you’re in a crunch. FREE

  3. Tweriod: Don’t waste time trying to figure out when to reach your Twitter followers. Know exactly when to Tweet for optimum follower reach with Tweriod. It examines your Tweets and your followers’ Tweets to determine the best times to reach your audience. FREE

  4. EVE: Ditch the old time-consuming mouse click and increase productivity time by getting to know all the Mac OS X shortcuts offered to at your fingertips. EVE is a one-time download and shows you the appropriate shortcut to use each time the mouse is used for an action. FREE

  5. Rapportive: Rapportive is a Gmail plugin that displays your contacts’ LinkedIn profile alongside your inbox. It remembers the fine details of your contacts professional profile for you, so no more guesswork on who exactly you’re writing to. FREE

That about wraps it up for our first High FIVE Friday List! We bet you’re already feeling way more productive. We suggest you bookmark this post to revisit Monday. Comment and let us know which tools improved your productivity so much, you can now spend Fridays daydreaming of next week’s post.

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