The HIGH Five Friday List! 5 Must-Have Apps To Download Before The Weekend

Welcome back! You made it to Friday! Before you leave the office this afternoon, check out these five FREE and fantastic apps you need to have on your smartphone right now.

  1. friday-fiveESPN ScoreCenter - Your mobile sports fix.
    Just in time for Word Cup madness and summer baseball games, you now have the ability to check scores discreetly (unless your boss or SO is the hovering type…) and on-the-go with ESPN’s Score Center app. Personalize your scoreboards and get updates from the games and teams you care about. Available for Apple, Android and Windows.
  1. GateGuru - Stress-free flying exists.
    Plan on doing some air travel this summer? GateGuru compiles and organizes all of your current and future travel adventures in one place, right down to the fine details of what rental car you’ll be hopping into once you land (there’s even an Avis discount available!) All updates to your itinerary are adjusted in real-time due to possible gate changes or flight delays. Check out the amenities your destination airport has before touching ground and review your travel stats as you rack up miles with GateGuru! Available for Apple, Android and Windows.

  1. Acompli - The ultimate mobile email app. 
    If you’re an email power user and constantly wish for the perfect mobile email platform, your wish has finally come true. Acompli features a built-in calendar to easily schedule meetings and events for your busy week, a solution to your unorganized contacts list with its People tab, an attachment sorter so you’ll never lose sight of that one particular .pdf again and much more all in one easy-on-the-eye interface. Currently only available for Apple.

  1. Lift - Achieve your goals with guidance at your fingertips. 
    Did those 2014 New Year’s resolutions of yours fall by the wayside? Get back on track with help from Lift. This app uses coaching to guide, community support to motivate and data tracking to keep you on a timely course to meet your objectives. Lift will assist you no matter what category your goal falls into- fitness, educational, business or spiritual. It’s no wonder their tagline is, “Succeed at everything.” Available for Apple and Android.

  1. Feedly - Only the feeds you want, all in one place. 
    Imagine a place where all the interesting news feeds around the Internet are compiled together into a one stop shop you can take with you on your phone. That place is real and it’s called Feedly, a customizable news aggregator app available for your laptop and mobile device. Feedly gathers news feeds from different online sources allowing you to customize and share with others. Available for Apple and Android.

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