Landing Pages: Best Practices for Successful AdWords Campaigns

Landing pages that correspond with your Google AdWords keywords and ads are essential to the success of your campaigns. When someone clicks on your ad, they expect to be taken to a webpage that directly relates to the ad. If your landing pages don’t correspond to your ad, visitors are much more likely to leave your site.

Recently, we redesigned the website for our client, (AMS), making sure landing pages were optimized with related, relevant keywords. Take a look below at one of our PPC ads and the corresponding landing page for AMS:

AdWords pay-per-click ad:


Landing page for ad:

landing page

Notice that the landing page for this ad contains the keyword several times. After optimizing the landing pages for our ads, our bounce rate was reduced by 7.9 percent, the average time a visitor spent on the page increased 25.6 percent and the conversion rate nearly doubled. In addition to improved campaign performance, we saw a rise in Quality Score. Creating relevant/targeted landing pages can easily improve the Quality Score of your keywords, as optimized landing pages that are a part of a cohesive AdWords campaign.

If your Quality Scores are below average, focus on improving your landing pages to raise your click-through rate (CTR), increase time spent on your site, lower your cost-per-click (CPC) and reduce your bounce rate. Need expert PPC services or pay-per-click consulting services? Contact our team of experienced and knowledgeable professionals today by calling (954) 606-5359.

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