The Importance of Relevant Landing Pages

Congratulations! You have spent most of your time making changes to your Google AdWords campaign to improve its performance and now your click-through rate has vastly improved! This must mean your conversions should start increasing soon, right? Well, not really! Not all things associated with PPC campaigns have a domino effect.

It is always important to remember there are two different stages that need to take place before your conversions should start increasing. The first stage is catching the eye of the searcher. Your ultimate goal is to get their attention with your ad and getting them to click on the ad in order to send them to your website. The second stage consists of when they are on the website, what do they see? Where do they go? Does the landing page relate back to their search?

Your landing page is vital to your conversions. If your Google PPC campaign is generating a high click-through rate but it doesn’t match your conversions, it very well is time to look at your landing page. One of the first things you can test is a changing your landing page. Sometimes something this simple can make a big difference to your conversions just because the new landing page is more relevant to their search.

Creating relevant/targeted landing pages is essential to the overall success of your campaigns. A landing page is supposed to be designed to encourage visitors to buy a product, generate a phone call and/or an email. It is worth your time to ensure your landing pages relate to your PPC Campaign. You want your landing page to be designed with your end goals in mind and this can make all the difference to converting your PPC Traffic.

PPC Professionals understand the importance of conversions, click through rates and ultimately, PPC Campaign Management.   We will work diligently to drive traffic to your website to ensure your goals!

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