Optimizing Your New Google Shopping Campaigns

The goal for optimizing your Google Shopping Campaigns is to make sure Google views your products as relevant to your target customer’s search queries. By having target keywords in the product titles and descriptions, it can help Google recognize your products as relevant when your customers search for them. To determine the best search terms to include in your product title and descriptions do the following:

  • Start by reviewing keyword data from active Search campaigns
  • Look for best converting keywords in your Search campaigns for each product target (be sure to also look at search query reports)
  • Determine if you are currently displaying ads for those keywords
  • If your ads are not displaying, make a list of these keywords (in order of performance) for further product optimization
  • If your ads are showing or Google is not displaying Shopping Campaigns for that keyword, no need to make note, move on to the next keyword

Once you’ve determined your target keywords, you can begin the optimization process within the product feed spreadsheet.

  • Locate the Title & Description columns for the products you will be optimizing
  • If your target keyword is not in the product title and description, be sure to add it without keyword stuffing and sounding “spammy”
  • Keep in mind the character limits for each field [Title: 70 characters | Description: 500 to 1,000 recommended, but up to 10,000 allowed]
  • Make note of the product name and URL on your original keyword list so you have a record of the changes that were made for future reference/optimization
  • Once the optimization process is complete, upload the new product feed within Google Merchant Center.
  • Be sure to review each keyword on your list in a few days to see if your product ads are now showing. If not, check again after 7 days. If product ads are still not displaying after 7 days, consider further optimization of the product title and description or adjust bids

Visit our AdWords Best Practices Tutorial for a step-by-step guide to setting up Google Shopping Campaigns.

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