Pay Per Click Takeover – US Online Ad Spending Growing

Invesp created a fascinating infographic detailing the Ad spend on search engines in the U.S. It shows that it has grown exponentially since 2011 (up 27 percent), and is only expected to continue into 2016 and beyond. The top four search engines – Google, Bing, Yahoo and AOL – show that, not surprisingly, Google maintains the lion’s share of ad revenue, pulling in 77.4 percent, a 67.4 percent lead over Bing, the second-place holder.

One of the most interesting rankings includes the top 10 Google AdWords advertisers of 2011. IAC, an Internet company, takes the top spot, spending a whopping $174,231,000 from January through September. was a close contender, spending $118,501,000. AT&T, Expedia, Experian, Microsoft, eBay,, Capital One, and State Farm round out the list.

Even more telling are the figures associated with social media ad spending, with a projected ad spend of $9.8 billion in 2016. Adding to the proof of the power of social media, the graphic also shows that Facebook delivers 1 out of every 4 display ads, receiving an impressive 1,343,170M impressions, a significant margin above Yahoo’s 528,993M.

Invesp’s information about online video and video ads shows that the marketing medium is quickly on the rise.  In May 2012 alone, 37 billion people watched online content videos, and more than 10 billion video ads; 21.6 percent of the online videos viewed were Video Ads, representing more than 1 in 5 videos viewed online.

For online marketing and PPC experts, the news is not only encouraging; it is also an incredibly motivational resource. The competition among pay per click agencies is heating up faster than ever before, changing the game to favor those who are masters of online advertising. If you’re looking for a PPC company with the knowledge and skill to grow your business and increase your ROI, PPC Professionals are the PPC campaign management experts to call when you need to be visible now.

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