PPC Agencies: Improve the ROI of Your AdWords Campaigns with This Special Technique

Big By WeatherIf you’re a digital advertiser working for a PPC agency, you’ve likely run into some hurdles when using geo-targeting in AdWords. Your reach can be considerably limited by searchers in your targeted area who browse privately or limit cookies. With a little creativity in their targeting methodology, pay-per-click managers can improve ROI. We use one clever tactic to take advantage of an often underutilized geo-targeting option in AdWords Scripts – bid by weather.

AdWords Scripts, as described by Google, is a program that “[allows] you to automate AdWords-related activities using JavaScript.” Not exactly universal terms for every online advertiser. We’ll refer to a time-honored MySpace analogy many paid search marketers have relied on – remember when MySpace was the social network? Everyone wanted to customize their backgrounds, fonts, etc., but most lacked the coding skills to do this on their own. Enter: pre-made templates that took care of the code for you and all you had to do was copy and paste. That’s essentially what AdWords Scripts is to Google AdWords. Got it? Now, let’s get to the good stuff.

The bid by weather feature in AdWords Scripts allows digital marketers to make bid adjustments based on the weather with a simple spreadsheet. This feature is valuable because the weather certainly influences consumer buying behavior. Google provides the example of an amusement park that might want to increase their bids when the weather is favorable. Certain businesses could increase bids on cold and/or rainy days for their indoor entertainment services or theaters for new movie releases.

Consider your unique audience, the products/services you’re advertising and how the weather might impact their searching and buying decisions to make the most of AdWords Scripts’ Bid by Weather function. Many PPC agencies have taken advantage of this useful tool, including the team at PPC Professionals.

What are some special features you use to improve the ROI of your AdWords campaigns?

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