PPC Campaigns and Mobile Devices

How often do you use your mobile phone or other mobile devices? Checking your email, updating your status on one of your many social networks or even just a simple Google search? More than likely, you use your cell more than you realize. Per the Pew Research Center, as of April 2012, 55% of adult cell owners use the Internet on their mobile devices. This is nearly double the number gathered in the survey 3 years ago. With 31% of users reporting that they go online using their cell phone and not a desktop or laptop.

If you handle pay per click management and are wondering if you should be segmenting your ads by mobile with device targeting? Online ads written for mobile devices are different from the ads you would write for desktops or laptops. For example, if you own a mechanic shop and a mobile device user searches for flat tire repair, you would want to ensure your ad pops up for that specific search. This is true for any industry, especially those with physical locations. People are using their mobile devices more than ever to find things when they are in need of help, traveling (even if they are in their own cities), or on vacations or business trips. Interestingly enough, it has been reported that an approximate 111.2 million consumers use their smartphones to surf the web. At PPC Professionals, we would never allow you to miss out on this business-enhancing opportunity because you are neglecting mobile segmentation.

PPC Professionals can help you optimize your mobile PPC Campaign. PPC Professionals is a team of highly knowledgeable and experienced PPC experts who constantly search for ways to improve pay per click campaigns for our clients. We go to great lengths to maintain the high performing PPC campaigns our clients expect. To learn more about how PPC Professionals can transform the potential of your business, call  (954) 606-5359 today!

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