PPC: Conversion Tracking & PPC Ad Spend

PPC Terror AlertElevated Threat – You’re in Danger of Losing Clicks & Conversions

This is part of the PPC TERROR ALERT series that recognizes that PPC managers all share responsibility for effective PPC campaigns, should always be aware of the heightened risk of losing clicks & conversions and what they should do to create winning PPC strategies.


It’s the second installation of our PPC Terror Alert series, and this week we’re focusing on tracking and conversions. Without proper tracking systems in place, it’s virtually impossible to properly manage your Google PPC campaigns.

As Eisenberg succinctly states, “You can’t manage what you can’t measure.” He also cites a study that shows that of over 1,000 small mid-sized businesses, it was found that over half failed to properly track conversions. AdWords has a built-in conversion tracker, SalesForce is another useful tool, CRM (Customer Relations Management) is a quality tracker and Google Analytics is one of the most popular programs businesses utilize.

Considering that the ultimate goal of PPC advertising, and all other types of advertising, is to convert prospective customers into clients, tracking the success of your PPC campaigns is incredibly important. Having good insight into what is happening with your PPC ad spend is not only important for you as a PPC manager, but also for your clients. Tracking conversions will help you make decisions about which ads are successful and which may need to be revised or paused.

Sometimes, something may happen that can separate you from your conversion data, whether it be a delay in conversion code installation, a website update that erased the codes or the inability for the codes to be installed in the first place. These things happen, but as a PPC manager, it is your job to manage and improve your PPC campaigns with or without conversion tracking.

Although proper conversion tracking is important, we’re rating this an Elevated risk on the PPC Terror Alert System. Stay tuned for next week’s installation to learn more about PPC management mistakes and how likely you are to lose clicks and conversions!

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