PPC Management for Advertising Agencies

Although Google AdWords has been around for a little over 12 years, many traditional advertising firms haven’t made the foray into pay per click marketing yet. Consider this scenario: You work for an advertising agency and a client you’ve maintained a good relationship with now wants to allocate a healthy chunk of his/her ad budget into pay-per-click advertising. You have an elementary knowledge of Google AdWords, certainly not enough to handle a high-volume or highly competitive account. There’s no way you’re considering jeopardizing your relationship and losing one of your most valuable clients.

So what do you do? Hire a dedicated in-house team, complete with hefty salaries and benefit packages for experienced PPC experts (also consider the facts about employees wasting time at work)? Consider outsourcing your PPC marketing. Look for a qualified PPC company with proven success in the pay per click management of high-volume accounts, and one that can show you scalable results. Many pay per click agencies have teams with varied areas of digital expertise, and are able to offer customizable solutions based on your unique preferences, needs and budget.

Many advertising agencies are wary of hiring PPC consultants for various reasons. One that’s top-of-mind for many is the belief that outside pay per click agencies aren’t capable of understanding your business and customers as well as you. Our team at PPC Professionals takes the time necessary to learn everything about your client’s business and ask the questions you may not have even known are essential to the success for your PPC campaigns. Our focus is pay per click marketing (Google AdWords & Bing AdCenter), and our team is available around the clock should any emergencies arise.

Your chosen PPC agency should also be available for meetings upon your request to ensure consistency in your advertising campaigns, and to discuss any other important matters concerning your campaign. We keep the lines of communication open to ensure you always feel you have full control over your PPC campaign. To learn more about PPC Professionals and for client references, contact us today at (954) 606-5359.

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