PPC Managers: Bidding Segmentation for Tablets

In the midst of the iPhone 5 craze, PPC professionals are taking a closer look at both the mobile and tablet markets. Tablets are playing an increasingly pivotal role in the strategic plans of major tech companies, and will only gain momentum as we move into the holiday season.

While the iPad has maintained its dominance in the tablet market, heavy hitters like Microsoft and Google have announced plans to release their own tablet devices in a bid to make serious gains against Apple’s market monopoly. So why is this news particularly relevant for PPC experts? “From the beginning of September through the end of 2011, tablets roughly doubled their share of total paid search traffic,” according to Mark Ballard of SearchEngineLand.com. Ballard also notes that as of mid-September, tablets have been generating nearly 10% of all pay-per-click campaigns, up about 8% following last year’s holiday surge. “As a segment of the average paid search program, that is approaching about 2/3 the combined share of Bing and Yahoo, which should move it up our list of priorities, particularly for well-built, established programs.”

As we approach the 2012 holiday season, PPC managers should revamp their Google AdWords campaigns to segment different audiences and take advantage of the commendably robust targeting options provided by pay-per-click programs. PPC campaigns can be customized to target users by their mobile OS, specific devices and carriers, and even specific OS versions.

Although this level of customization is likely overkill for the majority of programs, “if individual tablet competitors do begin to make headway,” it could be a viable option. So just how far should PPC campaign bidding segmentation go? “[A] good bet for now would be to group the iPad with desktop and allow the other tablets to fall into a single mobile bucket with smartphones, which convert more similarly.”

Any sharp, well-informed PPC agency will take advantage of the growing tablet market with a reasonable degree of bidding segmentation, particularly approaching the holiday season. At PPC Professionals, we are always on top of the latest trends in search engine marketing and are able to adapt PPC campaigns immediately. If you are looking for expert PPC management, contact us today by calling (954) 606-5359.

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