Resolve to Be a 2013 PPC Leader: 3 Major Trends

It’s the start of a new year and even if you aren’t into resolutions, it’s a great reason to take a fresh look at your PPC campaigns and adjust them based on the most current marketing trends. The ever-reliable Search Engine Watch mentioned 5 key trends to “strongly consider implementing” in 2013.  Here are 3 of our favorites:

The Move to Mobile

The trend of consumers using their mobile phones as opposed to their PC to access the Internet has been on a sharp incline for several years. That’s why it’s no surprise that this year will see even more people favoring their phones over their computers. We’ve been taking plenty of advantage of mobile PPC for all our clients, incorporating display banners and mobile ad extensions with great results. Consider re-examining your device targeting settings.

Focusing on More than Microconversion Numbers

Microconversions are “actions taken on a website that aren’t the main conversion goals,” meaning brochure downloads, blog comments, page views etc. It’s relatively rare for a potential customer to convert on their first visit to your site. Consider the value microconversions have in keeping your product or service on the top of your customers’ minds.

Optimize Video Ads

Although the YouTube as platform for AdWords is “clunky and [currently] seems to be hidden behind AdWords,” it offers ample opportunity to expand and engage your audience, “even if your company isn’t ‘the video type’.” Find a way to incorporate video into your current marketing strategy and take advantage of YouTube advertising.

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