The Best Tools to Make the Most of Your Paid Social Strategy

We’re taking a break from pay per click management tips today to discuss another online marketing cash cow. Although the controversy over the value of social media marketing continues to divide the ever-growing community of online marketers, there is still solid proof in the proverbial pudding that it works. Scott Gerber, the founder of the Young Entrepreneur Council, provided Mashable with a solid eight-point list of tips to jumpstart your company’s paid social strategy from successful young entrepreneurs. We’ve chosen the most valuable tips to help your business reap the benefits of an effective paid social media marketing campaign.

LinkedIn Pro Accounts: LinkedIn has quickly become a much more valuable social resource geared towards professionals. New features are being rolled out more and more frequently, and we have to agree that a Pro Account can be a major asset to your business. LinkedIn Pro provides a host of additional benefits that include:

  • Leveraging your existing network with 40 Introductions at a time.
  • See extended profiles of 200 users outside your network on every search.
  • Directly contact the people you find with 50 InMails a month.

LinkedIn also states that “InMail is 30x more likely to receive a reply than a cold call or email.”

Instagram: This valuable resource is relatively new (in the space of social marketing anyway) for businesses, and one that many companies aren’t taking advantage of. If your business is appropriate for the photo sharing service, you can easily attract a lot of influential Instagram users with huge followings to promote/endorse your product(s). One of the most impressive lesser known advantages of Instagram is that, in many cases, engagement rates can be even higher than Facebook’s. “The same post across both platforms will consistently see four times the rate of engagement on Instagram, based on audience size,” said Aaron Schwartz, co-founder of Modify Watches.

Facebook’s Sponsored Stories: With its new open graph technology, sponsored stories allow interaction with fans beyond Likes. This paid feature includes messages coming from friends about them engaging with your Page. For example, instead of simply showing that Jane Doe “Likes” Oakley, but also that she “wants to buy” the new pair of sport sunglasses. These stories can become even more powerful when you pay through Facebook media. Oakley can pay for your 500 Facebook friends to see that story, and even re-target you when those sport sunglasses go on sale.

So what’s our verdict about the value/effectiveness of social media marketing? If you know your stuff (and that means keeping up with the countless new features added seemingly weekly) and know how to leverage the different platforms well, it can and will most certainly pay off.

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