PPC Playbook Episode 12: Mobile Devices Impact Your Business

PPC Playbook is hosted by PPC experts, Shane Ryans and Maria Perilli. Episode 12 focuses on the impact of mobile devices for your business. The PPC Pros help you understand the difference between website and phone call conversions originating from a mobile device.

The following topics are discussed:

  • Desktop and mobile segmentation is not always necessary

  • Set bid modifiers for mobile and desktop traffic

  • How to setup mobile targeted ads

  • Bid aggressively for top mobile positions

  • Forcing click-to-call advantages and disadvantages

  • On-page mobile optimization and usability

  • Conversion tracking, including call tracking for mobile landing pages

Also, see this helpful infographic for Call Only Campaigns from our friends at Clicks Geek.

When segmenting desktop and mobile traffic into separate campaigns, don’t forget to set your bid adjustments for both mobile and desktop campaigns. In the desktop campaign, decrease mobile bids by 100% and in the mobile campaign, decrease all your bids by 1/3 first, then use a 300% multiplier. Please comment below with any questions.

In this week’s “Fun Fact,” find out which of Maria’s kin rose up to the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge when she opted out of the ice-water-over-head portion of it, and the new method of transportation Shane is currently in the market for (forget the bike).

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