PPC Playbook Episode 13: Bing Ads Get More “Familiar”

PPC Playbook is hosted by PPC experts, Shane Ryans. Episode 13 invites Bing Ads evangelist John Gagnon to chime in on Bing’s recently updated user interface and new features. Highlights include a much faster user interface with the ability to view up to 250,000 keywords at a time, auto-tagging for ad destination URLs, a new Top Movers report for a quick way to see big changes in keywords and ads and an Opportunities tool that displays the estimated impact on campaigns from insights provided by bid, budget and keywords suggestions.

Listen as the Pros discuss two major updates to Bing Editor; Negative Keyword Lists that can be applied at the campaign-level and Ad Scheduling that can now be set at 15-minute intervals.

Bing’s recent decision to test close variants for exact match keywords comes as no surprise. Exact match close variants will include minor grammatical variations, such as plurals, abbreviations, acronyms, spacing, and misspellings. Bing offers the option to opt-out of this test by following these steps: go to Advanced Settings in campaign settings and under Keyword Matching Options, select “No, use only my exact match keywords.” See the chart below for examples.


Lastly, if you’ve had problems logging into Bing Ads, John addresses the difference between logging in with a Bing Ads username and a Microsoft account email address and future plans to merge the two login methods.

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