PPC Playbook Episode 14: 5 PPC Tips You May Not Have Tried

PPC Playbook is hosted by PPC experts, Shane Ryans. Episode 14 explains the following five Pay-Per-Click strategies that you might not have tried:

  1. Bid on your Brand Keywords – If you don’t bid on your brand keywords, your competitors will. Learn how to bid on these keywords and what to put in the ads to increase click-through rates.

  2. Test for Optimal Ad Position – Ad position affects just about everything in your campaigns including cost-per-click and click-through rate. The only way to know which position works best is to test different ad positions.

  3. Uncover the Time Lag Report – This report is a bit hidden, but very valuable since it shows you how long it takes a user to convert. You can find this report in Tools > Conversions > Search Funnels.

  4. Optimize Across Different Dimensions – There are many opportunities for optimization within these reports. The dimension reports highlighted are Reach & Frequency, Time and Destination URL.

  5. Search Query Report Mining – Dig deep into your search term reports to see what your users are actually searching for to find your products and services. Use this report to find negative keywords as well as new keyword expansion opportunities.

Most of the tips listed involve advanced reporting, be sure to understand the data and inform yourself with all the reporting options available to make educated decisions within your advertising campaigns. The more you know about the way your campaigns and users are behaving, the easier it will be to make informed decisions within your AdWords account.

For a detailed PPC guide, check out our AdWords Best Practices Tutorial.

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