PPC Playbook Episode 16: AdWords Attribution Modeling – Everything You Need To Know

PPC Playbook is hosted by PPC experts, Shane Ryans. Episode 16 explains the often neglected, but ever-important Attribution Modeling report in AdWords and breaks down what you need to know. The Attribution Modeling report allows you to analyze keywords, ad groups and campaigns to gain insight into how they all contribute to your conversion funnel. The PPC Professionals thoroughly define what Attribution Models are and how they can affect the interpretation of your AdWords data, as well as provide detailed real-world examples of each.

Key points discussed about attribution models include:

  • How to access the Attribution Modeling reports in AdWords

  • Clarification on the five different report models: Last Click, First Click, Linear, Time Decay and Position-based

  • Further explanation of the Top Paths report

  • Common mistakes and pitfalls of attribution reports and how to avoid them

  • Adjusting CPAs based on attribution models (HINT: begin by examining bottom-line internal reporting)

A step-by-step guide and PPC Best Practices Tutorial is available at PPCProfessionals.com.

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